How to add appointments to clients private calendars?

Adding Delenta appointments to clients Google, Outlook or iCal calendars

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When you create an appointment with your coaching clients you and your client will receive an appointment confirmation email. 

If the client decide to add that appointment to their Google, Outlook or ICal calendars they can simply follow the below instructions to add coaching appointments on Delenta to their calendars. 

Step 1

Open coaching appointments details email


Step 2

Go to "Add to" calendar option   

Step 3

Select the calendar that you want to add this appointment to

Step 4

Once you add this to the calendar you should be able to rename the subject and check the Zoom link in the body of the appointment. 

Below is an example of how to add appointments to a Google calendar. 

Once the event is save it will appear in your calendar as an event. 


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