How can a client purchase your coaching package on Delenta

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How to purchase a coaching package

STEP 1: Individuals can purchase your coaching packages directly from your profile:

STEP 2: They simply choose the package they want can select the book button

STEP 3: They will then be redirected to the payment page. If they already have an account they can login.

STEP 4: To purchase, they will need to enter their name and email address. If you have chosen to offer recurring payment plans they will need to choose between the payment options shown. They also need to agree to the terms and conditions and then click the continue to PayPal button. 

STEP 5: They will be prompted to confirm their email address in order to proceed with the payment.

STEP 6: After they confirm their email address they can then either pay by logging into their PayPal account or they can pay by debit or credit card by clicking the pay by debit or credit card button.

Once the purchase has been made and they will receive and confirmation of the payment to their email. 

If this client already has a Delenta client portal they will see this confirmation. 

They will shortly be able to see the purchase in their client portal and book sessions from this package.

STEP 7: If they do not yet have a Delenta client portal account they will be able to set their password to create their account

They will then be able to gain access to their client portal and be able to book sessions via the book your next session button

They can now book their sessions, by selecting a date and time of their choice. Upon submission of the session request, the client will receive a confirmation email of their session request. 

Client will also be able to view their coaching package purchases via their client portal by simply navigating to MY Purchases page as shown below. 

Once the purchase is successful, your client will be able to view the payment details by clicking the MORE button on the My purchases page. They can also view the invoice for the payment made as highlighted in the image below. 

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