Share files and folders with clients

How to share files and folders

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The 'My Resource' area enables you to store folders and files in your coach portal, to help you organise your work and documents. 

This article describes the steps on how to share files with your clients. 

Once your client has created their Client Portal account a folder is automatically created for them and will be displayed as 'Shared with *your client's name*. When you create a group coaching package a folder is also automatically created with the same package title name.

To share files you can upload them directly into the client's folder or upload files to your resources area and select the Share with clients button and enter the client's name who you'd like to share with and select Share

Note: You can share a file or folder with multiple clients by entering their names into the field below : 


You can also easily create additional folders to organise all the files in your resources area.

Please note that once you share a file or folder with a client they will be alerted through email by Delenta, meaning you won't need to send emails to them if you don't need to. 

If this is your first time sharing a file with your client a 'Shared with *your client's name* folder will automatically be created once you have shared a file. If you would like to share more files with this client in the future you can simply upload files directly to that shared folder. 

Once you have shared a file or folder with a client, your client will be able to upload files via their client portal.

My resources allow you to enable or disable access to your client to download the files that you share. 

When you share files your client is able to preview the files in their resources area either via the preview box or by clicking the full preview button which opens the file in another tab. If you have disabled downloads your client can only view the shared files on browser.

The following files are supported for preview by your client:

  • png, jpeg
  • Video: mp4
  • Text files (.TXT)
  • Microsoft Word ( .DOCX)
  • Microsoft Excel (.XLSX)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint ( .PPTX)
  • Adobe Portable Document Format (.PDF)

If you have shared a file that is not supported then choosing to disable downloads will prevent your client from being able to access the file.

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