How to update call to action buttons on your landing page?

Updating Request for free session button

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On your Delenta Landing page there are two main call to action buttons right on your spot profile. 

To edit the Request for Sessions button: 

1. Go to Update Profile page (this can be access by clicking on your profile picture on top right hand corner of the page) 

2. Click on Request for Sessions button with the edit icon on it 

3. You can rename this button and click SAVE 

4. The updated button will now appear on your landing page. 

NOTE: There is also a second button 'WORK WITH ME' , this button is non -editable. Clicking on this button will direct your clients and prospects to the Coaching Packages area on your landing page. So, make sure you have your coaching packages created, so visitors to your website can learn how to work with you on coaching packages and make a purchase from the landing page itself.  

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