How to set-up a group in Delenta?

Setting up groups

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With Delenta Groups you can now simply create a group, assign members to it and start sharing notes, assign tasks and create sessions with the group.

There are two ways of creating a group in Delenta. 

1. By creating a Group Coaching Package. This will automatically create a group linked to the package. 

2. Manual creation of a group: These groups are not linked to a package. 

1. How to setup a Group  that is linked to a group coaching package? 

Prerequisites: Make sure you are connected to your payment processor before creating a package. (See How to integrate your Stripe and PayPal account with Delenta?)  Delenta supports Stripe and Paypal.  

STEP 1: Go to My Packages, click on +New Package button and Group Coaching Package. 


STEP 2: Fill in all the necessary fields to create your Group Coaching package and click Create Package 

As soon as your package is created, Delenta will automatically create a group linked with the package. This package will be placed in your My Contacts area. The package name will be assigned to the group at the time of creating.  

Note: The group name can be updated if required.  

STEP 3: Package details can be updated using the package edit option.  Click on VIEW DETAILS and edit.  Edit package details and click Update Group. 

2. How to manually create a group using 'Create Group' option? 

If you are not linking a group to a package, then you can chose to create a group using 'Create Groups' option on My Contacts page. 

Simply give it a name and add a note if required and click Create Group.


How to add members to a group? 

If your group is linked to a package, anyone who purchases the package will automatically be added to the group as its members (See Image below). In addition to purchased clients, you can also add members using


In the above example, Sylvia and Harvey were automatically added to the group as members because they purchased the Group coaching package- 'My Great Brand New Group Coaching Package' on Delenta. 

Additionally, Irene and Emily were added manually to the group via the


Note: In order to add members to your group they have to be clients or prospects on your My Contacts list. If your contact is not already a client or a prospect please invite them to their own dedicated client portal (See Invite Your Existing Clients & Prospects for more information) . Once they have accepted your invitation to Delenta, you can start adding them as members to a group.

 STEP 1: Search for the group on My Contacts list. Click on VIEW DETAILS.

STEP 2: Select Members tab and click on

to get the  Add members interface.

STEP 2: Select clients & prospects you want to be added to the group from the drop down list and click Submit. 

NOTE: Only Clients and Prospects on your My Contacts list on Delenta can be added as members to the group.

How to remove members from a group? 

STEP 1: Search for the group in your My Contacts list. 


STEP 3 :  Select the group members you want to remove  and click on

 as shown in the image below.

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