How to add coaching packages to existing clients?

If you're looking to add coaching package to an existing client so you can track outstanding sessions and progress then this article explains all about coaching engagements and how they can be used.

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You can create Delenta Coaching Engagements using the below steps to add coaching packages to your existing clients. 

What is Coaching Engagements?

A coaching engagement in Delenta is a coach package or a service that has been purchased outside of Delenta by your client. By creating a coaching engagement record on Delenta, you can start tracking these coaching engagements within Delenta, in the same way you would with a coaching package that's been purchased on Delenta.  

For example if you're dealing with a corporate client who prefers to pay for your invoices via an offline method instead of using a credit card payment,  then you'd use Delenta Coaching Engagements to bring in the transaction that took place offline and start tracking the paid sessions on Delenta (See Image 1).  

ypically you would create a coaching engagement to continue a coaching service in Delenta and to be able to schedule and track your remaining coaching session in the platform like with purchased coaching packages. Previously Coaching Engagements were used to offer free coaching with Delenta however if you'd like to have free coaching sessions then you can create free individual and group coaching packages. Learn how to create free coaching packages.

How to create a coaching engagement? 

1. Go to My Contacts and find the client you want to add a Coaching Engagement/ package 

2. Click View Details of the client

3. Go to the Coaching Engagement tab

4.  Complete the details

How to track sessions and outstanding sessions once a coaching engagement is created?  

Once you create a new engagement you can track the sessions outstanding through Package Summary area. This tab shows all the sessions that you need to schedule as per the coaching engagement that you created for your client. 

Also, you are able to see the remaining sessions and track them through the portal (See Image 4). 

Please note that in order to track outstanding sessions of the engagement with your ongoing coaching sessions with your clients make sure you select the Use Sold Packages to create appointment check box 


How your customers can book sessions with you using coaching engagements? 

Below image is a view of your client's portal and how the outstanding/ remaining sessions are shown to your clients.  

Also, it highlights how your client would see the coaching engagement appearing on their My Purchasing area. 

Your client would also be able to book a session with you for the coaching engagement as shown in the image below. 

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