How to archive my clients that are no longer active?

Archive clients

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Archiving a client or a prospect will allow you to keep your Client or Prospect contact without having to compromise on the client/prospect contact limit associated with your Delenta Subscription. To learn more about your current subscription limitations are please visit

You can keep prospects and clients in your database using the archive feature. Once a client is no longer actively using your services you can archive them as a contact in My Contacts. Archiving allows you to view all the current details and information such as previous tasks, payments and packages with that contact, but you will not be able to make any changes or additions to their contact once they have been archived.

To archive a contact, simply select the contact and then the Archive button. 


Note: You can only archive a Client or a Prospect contact type. 

Archived contacts can easily be restored to the platform by selecting the contact and then clicking Restore.

Multiple contacts can be archived and restored at once. To do so select the contacts you wish to archive and then the archive button which appears at the top of My Contacts.

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