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Upcoming Sessions

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My Sessions provides you with a quick glance of your Upcoming Sessions and Completed Sessions. It is an easy reference to details about your sessions, when they are happening and with whom. 

Your dashboard will show any upcoming sessions and this is where you would go to start your sessions with clients. It gives you a unique and secure link to start your online audio/video call. See How to conduct sessions with your clients article for more information. In My Sessions, you will see any upcoming one to one or group sessions in their respective tabs. You can create an appointment in My Sessions by clicking Add Session.  

To reschedule or cancel a session, click the settings button as shown in the image below.

All your completed sessions will appear in Completed Sessions. Session records in this section are categorised with the following statuses: 

Expired: - These are sessions that did not take place on time. 

Cancelled: These are sessions that were cancelled by coach or client. 

Completed: These are sessions that were successfully completed and is recorded on Dashboard analytics and your coaching log. 

You can mark an expired session as complete, if you have had the meeting offline or outside of Delenta. 

From the Completed Session tab, click the settings button and select Mark as Complete

You can also cancel or reschedule your expired sessions by clicking on the settings button and selecting Reschedule or Cancel.

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