How to reschedule or cancel a confirmed coaching session

rescheduling a coaching session cancelling a coaching session

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A confirmed coaching session can be rescheduled or cancelled by selecting the appointment in My Calendar and then either cancel session or reschedule.

Sessions can also be rescheduled or cancelled in My Sessions by clicking the settings button as shown in the image below.

Rescheduling a session

To reschedule a session, select a new date and time and confirm the action. You can also add a note to the client if you would like.

When you reschedule a session, it will appear in your calendar under the arranged date and time. Both yourself and your client will receive an email notifying this change to the sessions.

Your email will look something like shown below. 

The email received by your client will explain that you rescheduled the session, show the new session time and also include the note if you added one when rescheduling the session.

Cancelling a session

To cancel a session you must add a note to the client and then confirm the action.

The client will receive an email informing them that the session has been cancelled and they will be able to view the note written as the reason for cancellation. 

When you reschedule or cancel a session these changes will be displayed in Completed Sessions in My Sessions. The image below shows the sessions with Julia and Michael under Completed Sessions with the status cancelled

As Michael's session was rescheduled, the new session can be seen in One to One Sessions

Clients can also reschedule or cancel sessions via their client portal. If a client chooses to reschedule or cancel a session you will receive an email informing you of this change to the session and well as any notes or message they included in their request. 

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