How to add course content

Adding course content

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Adding Course Content

To begin building your course and adding your course content, you’ll first need to create sections. Select the add section button and enter your title. You can always go back to edit and make changes at a later date. Then add content

When adding your course content, you’ll include a title, description and select the content type, this will be either a video, document or YouTube video. You’ll then need to upload and attach the content or add the link to the YouTube video.

If the video or document is already in your shared resources area in Delenta you can select it from there or you can upload the file from your device, select it from shared resources and then click Add Selected Files

When you upload and attach a video file, you will be able to see the video preview. 

Repeat this process to continue to add your course content and build your course.

You can easily drag and rearrange the order of your content as well as sections to create your course structure.

You can easily preview your course via the Preview button

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