Having trouble Syncing your Google account with Delenta?

Syncing Delenta Calendar with Google

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If you are having trouble seeing your Google events on the Delenta calendar, then it could be because you have missed to provide the right level of access permissions from your Google account to access your Google calendar events. 

When this happens please get in touch with Delenta Support team by using the platform's live chat or email us at support@delenta.com. We will then be able to remove your existing broken connection and start reconnecting. 

Please follow the steps outlined in the video (only 2 minutes) below to reconnect your Google account with the right level of permissions.

As per the above video you need to remove access to your Delenta calendar from Google settings. 

Once you successfully removed the Delenta app access you need to clear account cache in your browser as per the video

Please make sure you give permission to your Google account by selecting the permission check box as per the picture below:

Image 22-02-2022 at 10.54

After following the above steps on the video, all your Google calendar events should appear on Delenta (these are the green colour sessions you will see appear on the Delenta calendar) . An Example is shown below of how it will look after syncing.

Once you have the checkboxes ticked, you will see all your Google events displayed on your Delenta calendar. Green coloured slots on the calendar indicates the sync'd events from your Google calendar (See image below of a fully sync'd Delenta calendar). 

If you are still experiencing issues with Google Sync, please contact support@delenta.com.


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