How to change a prospect into a client

change a prospect to a client

Written by DelentaLast update 2 years ago

Typically a prospect becomes a client once they have purchased a coaching package via Delenta. You can manually change a prospect into a client through editing their contact and selecting the client type in My Contacts.

Although you can carry out the same activities with a prospect or client, this may be a handy feature for your own record. Perhaps when you invited your client to Delenta you accidentally invited them to the platform as a prospect and not a client. 

To edit your contact's client type click the contact, edit profile and select the client type that you would like them to be recorded as.

You can change a client into a prospect if there are no purchased packages on Delenta, if they have coaching engagements they will be able to be changed from a client into a prospect. If your client has purchased packages on Delenta then you will be unable to change them into a prospect.

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