How to reschedule or cancel an expired session

how to reschedule or cancel and expired session from the My Sessions area

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How to reschedule an expired session

In the Completed Sessions tab in the  My Sessions you will see a list of all your completed sessions categories with the following statuses:

Completed, Cancelled and Expired.

Expired sessions are sessions that did not take place on time.

You can reschedule your expired sessions by clicking on the settings button and selecting Reschedule.

In the completed session tab the previously expired session will update as cancelled and you will be able to see the rescheduled session in your Upcoming Sessions and see an update in the Package Summary area for that client.

How to cancel an expired session

You can cancel an expired session by clicking on the settings button and selecting Cancel. This will update the expired session as cancelled in the Completed Sessions tab, also in the Package Summary the session will update to cancelled and another session will be added to the list of sessions as a replacement for you to schedule at a later time.

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